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We help businesses develop proprietary understanding of their drivers/barriers, needs/wants, and other marketplace perceptions critical to competitive success in markets close to home and around the world.

  • Qualitative. Ethnographic, focus groups, online B2B/B2C panels
  • Quantitative. B2B/B2C segmentations, brand tracking, campaign measurement, pricing strategy, purchase funnel analysis
  • Financial. Economic analysis of B2B/B2C markets for large and early stage companies providing Total Addressable Market (TAM) sizing, share of spend vs. competitor share, consumer/customer LTV, analysis of spend by segment, channel, product


All organizations engage in some sort of strategic repositioning at some point, but few organizations successfully transform market perceptions about their products, company, or culture as a result. There are reasons for that. By looking inside and outside the company to identify both the opportunities and barriers that must be navigated to succeed, we help companies develop strategic plans that are based on an objective reality that ensures success. We work with some of the largest companies in the world and many of the most innovative emerging companies to ensure their company purpose matches the promise of their business, products, and services. And we back that up with the training tools and metrics to ensure the plan is implemented across the organization.

  • Brand positioning and frameworks
  • Company purpose within current ESG and employee expectations
  • Portfolio competitive strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Market entry strategy
  • International growth planning

The effectiveness of your plan is measured by the magnitude of your results. Often this requires customized tools to measure the performance of your business and your unique customer/brand value proposition. Our measurement tools are tailored to your business and include by way of illustration:

  • Brand health metrics
  • Brand lift metrics
  • Social media program metrics
  • Campaign metrics
  • Employee/stakeholder engagement metrics

Making strategies accessible to all internal and external stakeholders ensuring effective and efficient adoption of plans often requires objective expert support during critical planning periods. MODO Group provides advisory support to directors and executives during critical initiatives, organizational change, and business restructurings.